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HOME CREDIT achieves milestone: more than 1,000 employees on board!

Published on 09.11.2015

MANILA, Sep 11, 2015 – Home Credit started its operations in October 2013 with a business proposition of offering easy, simple and fast loans to customers looking to purchase consumer durable goods such as mobile gadgets, computers, home appliances and other electronic products. The first partners of the company were MemoXpress and Automatic Centre. Back in those days, there were less than 100 employees, but in less than two years, that number has grown TEN fold to more than 1,000! It is also gradually expanding to nearby provinces Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Bulacan. More areas will be added before the year ends.

With this expansion, the company continues to actively recruit qualified people to help improve its product offerings and bring them to consumers in more markets. Visit the careers section on our website and learn more about the opportunities that Home Credit can offer.

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