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Office transfer in preparation for business expansion

Published on 04.16.2015

Getting the keys as you move into a new place can bring a smile to anyone’s face – especially when that place is as beautiful as the new home of our Operations and Collections departments. The 7?h floor of the Spark Place building in Cubao will become their new base in April. The move will help ensure that we maintain our operational efficiency as our team grows and expands across the country. Right now, we have over 700 employees servicing over 40,000 clients, so it was high time to open up our second home.

Spark Place boasts many amenities that we need: in addition to common work stations, the new fully-equipped call center inside the building also has an archive room that will be used for storing clients’ contracts, and IT equipment and supplies, so that everything is close at hand. There are also dedicated rooms for training and interviews that will accommodate our recruitment drives. The new offices have the added advantage of being just a few blocks away from our existing main office, which means that even though we will now be split across two buildings, we remain close together.

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