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Letting go of a [cellphone](https://www.homecredit.ph/apply/product-loans/mobile-phones-loans) is like letting go of a prized possession. This is especially true if you depend on your phone for things that matter most. These essentials include staying in touch with your loved ones, beating the deadlines at work and even checking if your online bill payments are successful. While a phone can last long, the truth is that a cellphone can't last forever. Check the list below to see if it's time to give up on your baby.
1. Your phone can already be casted for Walking Dead
When your phone often dies during the last few minutes of a really good series or game, it's time to call it quits. When you're in the middle of a call for an important deadline or in a really deep conversation with your bae, there's nothing more irritating than having to cut it because your phone is dying. So call time of death on that one already.
2. You're a "Frozen Screen" hall of famer
Nothing can stop you from ranking up except for another frozen cellphone screen. When you're searching for a Piso Fare for your next vacation, but your phone lags as you check out, it can get really frustrating. So if your phone freezes more times than you use it, it's a sign to say yes to a new smartphone.
3. You’re a selfie superstar
When you love to take selfies, group photos and videos, you need a bigger storage space. Older phone models usually have very limited capacity when it comes to this. So if you're really serious about taking your photos and videos to the next level, it's time to level up to a newer mobile phone.
4. More space means more fun
Apart from high-resolution photos and videos, another space eater in phones are music files and apps. This 2023, go for a cellphone that has at least 128 GB of internal storage to avoid space shortage.
5. Your internet connection reminds you of the 90's
When your phone's WiFi or mobile data speed is not comparable to those around you, it may be because your phone is not running at par with what's acceptable. Go for a 5G phone that you can get on easy installments here.
6. Tap, tap… it's a trap
If your touchscreen phone is not as reponsive as before, even when you take of its screen protector, it makes your every tap an agony. Maybe you have dropped your phone a good number of times already, so give it the rest it deserves.
7. One (button) push is not enough
When you need to exert a heavy force just to turn your phone on or off, this is a sign that the phone's general health is going down. The same goes for your volume buttons too.
8. Charging no more
Have you replaced your charger and cable, but your phone can't be charged, still? Perhaps you already have a bloated battery or your charging port is no longer functioning. Solution: let it rest (for good).
9. Your phone's battery a 'hottie'
Always be mindful of your cellphone's temperature because the most dangerous part of your device is its battery. If you notice the battery getting hot more often that not, start looking for a new phone here.
10. You missed a date because you never received the message
The main purpose of a phone is to stay connected; however, when your phone is no longer able to receive calls and messages, it may be time to let it go. If you've already changed your SIM card and triple checked your network signal, but your messages and calls still don't come through, say good bye to your beloved device.
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