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But that was before when I haven’t realized yet the importance of budgeting and the fun of doing it. Budgeting is very helpful particularly during these times as we are continuously being affected by the pandemic. We have a lot of learnings during this pandemic and one thing that definitely hit us is the realization that saving and budgeting our hard-earned money could help us in crucial times. Not just only that, it also helps us to be able to pay on time for our bills, other payments and even in the long run.
If you are still having a hard time doing the budgeting task up until now, that is totally okay and acceptable. Though to help yourself, you can start on baby steps such as trying these budgeting tips on making sure you don’t miss your payments:
Track your spending
It feels so good knowing we are in control of our money, but oftentimes we tend to underestimate how much we spend. When you start doing this, you’ll be surprised how much you are spending for foods, rent, bills, and the like. You can try cutting out some unnecessary spending that you think is better off on your list. It is never too late to start tracking all the money you are spending on a daily and monthly basis.
List down your due dates
Write down all your due dates and scheduled payments. This will help you track all your outgoing money on a daily and monthly basis and also this will help you to keep in mind all of your bills to be paid. You have to take note that all of your bills need to be paid.
Use an app calculator
There are apps calculator that would help you calculate your payment and determines how much you need to save on a daily basis. Like in Home Credit, there is a calculator tool you can use to determine how much money you need to save from your salary date to your due date. For example, your pay day is every 10th of the month and your due date is every 17th, the calculator will determine the money you need to save for 7 days to be able to pay for your bill.
Budgeting maybe hard at first, and if you need motivation why you need to do this, imagine having enough money to pay for your bills and things you need, and savings for emergencies and crucial times.
Home Credit also offers method to make it easier for you to pay for your monthly payment by requesting to change for your due date. This will give you opportunity to make a budget and choose due date that is near to your pay day.
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