Installment shopping with Home Credit
Shopper delight is at the heart of Home Credit We work with our partner brands and stores to bring you the best 20,000 of Home Credit 0% Hulugan deals in the Philippines. We offer installment interest rates as low as 0% and repayment terms of up to 24 months. With terms so affordable, you won't have to postpone or give up important shopping plans like buying replacement phones, completing essential appliances for the home or upgradng computers for school and work.
Availing Home Credit Hulugan financing is easy and flexible. By all means, browse, browse, browse and browse some more on (Window shopping is fun, we know.) And when you have finally found your product at the most affordable deal at a store near you, choose any of the three ways to check your eligibility for Home Credit Hulugan financing.
Smarter Shopping begins on
1. Apply on My HomeCredit app and receive your application status in just 1 minute. All you need is one valid government ID for identity verification. ([Download the My Home Credit App]( 2. Chat with a Sales Agent to learn more about product availability, deals and nearby stores. They'll even help process your application and make arrangements for your visit to a store near you. 3. Or fill out the Customer Form and we'll call you within the next 7 days to process your application.
**DEALS as Low as 0% Interest Hulugan** Make smarter choices with the help of Home Credit by comparing price and deals among stores in your area. You'll find offers with low downpayment, long payment schemes of up to 24 months and installment interest rates as low as 0%. What's great is you get to play around with the calculator and choose your payment terms. Your product, your deal. Your personalized Home Credit.
**DIRECTION To Shops Near You** Home Credit is like a navigator. When you start by choosing your location, our background maps will get to work and turn the site into your neighborhood catalog of products and offers available in stores within your city. This way, shopping becomes more precise, more time-efficient. After discovery, you'll know exactly where to go to complete your transaction. Our aim is to build your buying power - one product purchase, one Home Credit Hulugan Deal at a time. Make [Home Credit]( your favorite shopping destination.