Here are four easy steps to find out if you're actually getting a good deal, especially when faced with unbelievable price points. Are you ready? Let's go!
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Dial *#06# on the phone. The IMEI number that comes up should match the number that is printed on the phone's box. Check if the number on the box is not tampered, too.
Test the apps and the battery of your phone. Remember: All apps must run seamlessly as you move from one to another. In the same manner, you should not be experiencing a sudden noticeable drop in battery life.
Check the features like like camera, video, fingerprint scanners, and the likes. Watch out for errors or lags that should not be present in any authentic cellphone.
Ensure that each icon you see on screen are the same as the official websites or offical social media pages. This is a step that is usually missed, but doing so enables you to make a phone purchase that is 100% worth your money .
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