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However, we all know that the effects of these pa-pampam sessions, whether for more gorgeous ‘lewks’ or overall wellbeing, doesn’t really show overnight (it takes more than that ghurl)! And if you’re just getting into the groove of your ‘me’ time at how many years old (it’s never too late btw), you better learn how to do it right fast so you can turn your inner-Narda into Darna without even having to swallow any magic stones!
Somehow, we have COVID-19 to thank for reminding us that YOLO is a fact! And if it was for me, everyone should definitely enjoy each moment of life no matter what the situation may be. And these days, there are plenty of ways you can grab what you need online without leaving the house (Lazada and Shoppee… hello!) When everything boils down to what really matters, taking care of yourself is definitely more of a responsibility than a luxury. So, go and get yourself that well-deserved pampering right now!
How self-pampering helps you
Every wellness guru will tell you that pampering yourself is important for your overall well being. The most common benefits you can get from treating yourself to a relaxing spa or by simply enjoying that cup of overpriced coffee from time to time include the prevention of diseases (anti-sakit), delay of ageing (anti-tanders), and promotion of mental health (anti-krung krung). So the big question is: why aren’t you pampering yourself yet beshie?
First, let’s talk about how taking good care of yourself can help you in the long run.
Eating good organic food like fruits and vegetables and stretching those sleepy muscles help make the effects of self-pampering more visible in a flash! That means you should try to always exercise regularly, eat healthier meals and snacks, rela more, and learn how to do some meditation or other alternative healing techniques to keep both your body and mind recharged!
If only we all have the right budget for it, right?! Hmmm… sana all! But worry not, as there are really plenty of ways to pamper yourself without breaking the bank!
Ways to pamper yourself at home
First of all, it’s important to know that a big part of self-care is simply finding ways on how you can get into that peak of relaxation. To help you out, we’ve listed down some ‘easy-to-do-at-home’ self-care starters you can enjoy immediately!
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Spa Day
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Contrary to popular belief, having a spa day is not always that expensive. If you go online like I did, you’ll see plenty of awesome brands that offer affordable spa treatments at discounted rates!
Check out bubble bath bars, bath salts, serums, purifying masks, and other nice self-care and grooming grabs that work for your skin type and magpa-beauty galore!
Set the right mood for your spa day by turning down the lights in your room, lighting scented candles for aromatherapy (be careful though), playing your favorite Tay Tay track on Spotify, and getting a chilled glass of your favorite drink for when you need to take a sip. I promise, all of these will lead you to chill heaven in no time!
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Healthy brewing
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Isn’t it wonderful to discover something new with the jowa while you’re both at home during this quarantine period?! We all remember that Dalgona coffee craze that flooded our social media feeds and that too can be a good way to pamper yourself and your SO! From teas to coffee, DIY brewing is gradually becoming one of the best ways you can relax and enjoy at home.
You can easily score those cheap yet modern coffee brewers online as well as a variety of teas and coffee beans you can try out. Soon, you’ll discover that brewing your own coffee can boost your performance (so you won’t have an excuse not to work out anymore), improve your tummy’s digestion, and burn those stubborn calories!
On the other hand, if you are into tea, order the good kinds online that help you get rid of your love handles like Oolong, Green tea, or Puerh tea. A quick pa-pampam tip: All of these are uber delicious with a teaspoon of pure honey!
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Digital detox
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This one is a new way to pamper yourself but quite a challenging one at that, (especially for those who have FOMOs and are afraid to get ‘cancelldt’ on barkada moments and relevant chika). However, giving your eyes and mind some rest from all the bright smart phone backlight and content you eat up daily on social media can relieve you of headaches, insomnia, eye strain, and all of those angst-ridden social media posts from others that can really affect your emotions and mental health.
Don’t get me wrong though. It doesn’t mean you’ll really have to give up all of your gadgets entirely. Use them to play your choice of ambient music or sound therapy pieces that can help you clear your mind into relaxation. Better yet, if you are a gifted musician, give that rotting guitar keyboard in your storage compartment a fixer-upper or buy a cheap new one so you can play while you chill!
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Reiki, meditation, and massage
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Reiki is another fresh one for wellness buffs out there. As you’ve probably guessed, this method of energy healing originated in Japan. What’s surprising however is how you can do it remotely which makes it perfect for all of these ECQs, and GCQs going around!
In reiki, healers channel their own life force energies by laying their hands upon you but apparently, they can also send them digitally as frequencies via their laptop screens and into your end while on a video call. Now isn’t that the perfect stress-reliever while social distancing?!
If you are not yet sold on the reiki idea, there are still many ways to enjoy other tried and tested meditation techniques such as traditional yoga or progressive relaxation, and other DIY massage techniques that you can conveniently learn on YouTube. Just buy yourself some of those natural oils that help you relax and keep you feeling ‘extra’!
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