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Can we take a moment of silence for all the planned traditional summer vacations of the family for this year but didn’t happen because of this pandemic? Your family could have been in Palawan, taking groufies by the beach, or playing beach volleyball, or running around the beach walk having fun – all these are just part of the plans as of now and just witness seasons changed into rainy days while at home. This one hella sad story for most of us and deserves a deep breath.
On the other hand, while there are yearly preparations for the summer vacations for the whole fam, it is also important to make preparations during the rainy season for the family.
Have you heard of the saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”? It has been proven and tested in any life situation. But don’t worry, it is never too late to prepare everyone in the family for the coming rainy days with these must-haves through Home Credit’s Basket Financing in the nearest department store:
- Wind-resistant umbrella (price range: PHP 700 – PHP 1,200) - Water-proof bag (price range: PHP 200 – PHP 800) - Raincoat (price range: PHP 150 – PHP 500) - Rain boots (price range: PHP 200 – PHP 500) - Waterproof cellphone case (price range: PHP 200 – PHP 400)
Welcome rainy days by staying dry as a family using the must-haves during rainy days which you can get via Home Credit on an installment basis. Check out all other exciting offers and deals of [Home Credit by downloading the My Home Credit App on Google Play Store.](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ph.homecredit.myhomecredit&hl=en&gl=US)