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Are you a first-time homeowner or a condo dweller? Maybe you’re a fresh graduate living solo in the metro, or a newlywed couple ready to raise a family. Regardless, congratulations on starting your new chapter this year! As you know by now, setting up your own space can be exciting. You get to design or decide all on your own.
For some, however, this task can be overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here’s our list of popular brands on Shoppingmall.ph that can provide appliances and other home upgrades. Learn how to transform your space into a comfy, enjoyable haven with these brands. ## Cool Your Food with Beko
Past groceries or takeout, when stored well, can become tasty meals on any occasion (especially when it's [petsa de peligro](https://www.homecredit.ph/stories/5-smart-tips-to-surviving-petsa-de-peligro)). But, you have to preserve food well, and this calls for a reliable refrigerator. [Beko](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/shop/brand/beko-installment-loans) offers a wide range of refrigerators for your food storage needs, cold drink cravings, and more. From sleek stainless steel models to energy-efficient options, Beko has something for you. ## Furnish Your Kitchen with Ariston
When it comes to cooking ranges with ovens, [Ariston](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/shop/brand/ariston-installment-loans) has proven itself to be a trusted name. They offer options that make cooking easier and more enjoyable, such as multiple burners, spacious ovens, and easy-to-clean surfaces. With these cooking upgrades, you can have more confidence in having friends or family come over to your place for a feast! ## Stay Entertained with Samwon TV
In need of a new TV? [Samwon](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/shop/brand/samwon-installment-loans) provides top-quality TVs in various sizes and features. See the difference, especially if you’re someone who’s into videogames, immersive films, or bingeworthy TV series. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a feature-packed smart TV, Samwon has you covered. ## Enjoy Karaoke Sessions with Crown and Grand Videoke
Filipinos love singing, and it’s a huge part of our social gatherings. For your karaoke needs, [Crown](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/shop/brand/crown-installment-loans) has speakers with powerful audio features to enhance your KTV session at home. Let your friends and family croon their heart out with Crown karaoke speakers.
Whether you don’t have one yet or your old set needs an upgrade, get a complete karaoke set from [Grand Videoke](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/shop/brand/grand-videoke-installment-loans). They offer the karaoke essentials you need to get started, from speakers and microphones to song collections. Perfect for that housewarming party or special occasion!   ## Find the best appliances and deals on Shoppingmall.ph!
Enjoy more meaningful moments at home! Are you ready to turn your home into a stylish yet functional haven? Explore [Shopping Mall Philippines](https://www.shoppingmall.ph/) for affordable installment deals and a shopping experience like no other. You can also check out the [Home Credit Philippines loan app](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ph.homecredit.myhomecredit&referrer=) for great deals and promos.