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Home Credit Philippines, one of the country’s leading consumer finance companies just released its newest summer short film that highlights the convenience of getting cooling appliances through Home Credit.

The 2-minute comedy short film "Padala" tells the story of a family in a remote province who orders an air conditioner to beat the heat. Laughter comes in as the delivery rider or flyer played by Drag Race Philippines Season 1 contestant Viñas DeLuxe morphs into a “manananggal”, a mythical creature in Philippine folklore usually an older woman capable of severing its upper torso to prey on unsuspecting victims. The family had already prepared for the cold season when the delivery flyer, despite its huge bat-like wings, arrived with the aircon months later.

Padala is Home Credit's latest video to support the company's summer campaign, "Hottest Summer sa Pinas," which allow Filipinos to take advantage of incredible 0% interest offers on summer essentials such as inverter and window-type air conditioners, air coolers, no-frost refrigerators, as well as water-resistant phones. The short film capitalizes on the campaign by poking fun at traditional delivery services to influence consumers to buy cooling appliances at affordable installments at a store near them via Shoppingmall.ph instead. With over 15,000 authorized stores nationwide, customers can easily find 0% interest deals in their city from top brands such as Apple, Carrier, LG, OPPO, Panasonic, Samsung, and many more.

Since 2013, Home Credit Philippines has been committed to being the country's trusted consumer finance company. Since then, the firm has strengthened its reputation as a trusted financial ally for millions of Filipinos by partnering with leading brands and merchants to provide quality gadgets and home appliances. As a finance company, Home Credit has been dedicated to promoting financial literacy among Filipinos and #HCSpecials is just one of its many initiatives in bringing financial awareness in a fun and entertaining way.

Father's Day 2023 saw the first #HCSpecials video, “Sanib”. The viral thriller and comedy short film, which received 23 million views across all social media platforms and a conversion value of Php5.8 million, acknowledged fathers' hard work and encouraged the public to reward them home appliances as gifts through Home Credit. The second #HCSpecials video, “Usok,” on the other hand featured availing affordable schooling essentials such as laptops for back-to-school season.

Catch Home Credit’s newest #HCSpecials “Padala” on Facebook, Instagram, X, and Tiktok. For the hottest summer deals, visit Shoppingmall.ph at https://hcph.info/3TTSqbc.