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With all the things you do using your [cellphone](https://homecredit.ph/apply/product-loans/mobile-phones-loans) like chatting, gaming and watching endless videos and series, you are not alone! In fact, a 2019 study from Digital Report revealed that Filipinos use their phones 10 hours daily. Now, how can you turn some of that 10-hour screen time into a side hustle? Here are some income generators you can try.
#1 Answering online surveys
One of the easiest ways to earn with your phone is by answering branded surveys. Usually, this is from companies who pay survey respondents to capture their opinions about products and competitors. Branded surveys may be short or long. The longer and the more detailed the survey, the higher the pay you'll get. This is perfect for people who love answering quizzes and those who are passionate about sharing real feedback.
#2 Encoding data
If you type fast using your phone, then this might be the sideline you are looking for. If you want extra cash for your bills, try encoding data. Just make sure that you transact with a reputable company that have positive reviews from data encoders. Data encoding usually covers transcribing interviews. So if you're comfortable with translating Tagalog to English, the rate for this may go high.
#3 Prepaid loading
If you're looking for another easy option to earn more, why not start a mobile load business using your phone? You'll be like a walking convenience store minus the hassle of actually building one from scratch. Apart from getting free load, you also get extra cash after a few minutes of transaction.
**TIP: You can charge P5 for every successful load transaction.**
#4 Livestreaming
If you have a passion for vlogging, try being a content creator. All you need is good vibes and a creative mind. Apps like Kumu provide content creators a venue where they can share their content through their mobile phones. Did you know that content creators are paid in sky-high amounts for simple content uploads showcasing brands? It depends on their account size or number of followers/subscriber.
Additionally, you can gather donations through livestreams. Your viewers can send you "gifts" that you can cash out. It’s a great way to use your platform for a good cause, as long as you're sure that the money you raise will go to people in need.
Try any of these side hustles and start earning extra cash! If you want to use a new cellphone to get the ball rolling, Home Credit offers affordable mobile phones you can shop via installments for as low as 0% interest. Check them out at [shoppingmall.ph](https://www.shoppingmall.ph/?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=mpl-pos-pos-organic_shoppingmallph_landing%20page-06192023) now!