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The spirit of Christmas is filling the air fast and as we prep our glittering Christmas trees and plan our *Noche Buena* feast, we all come to a common goal in mind - to get the perfect and affordable Christmas gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. So, in the spirit of Christmas, and the brightest time of the year, we are no longer gatekeeping these fun and unique items. The list comes in three parts, for men, women, and unisex gift ideas for your possible monito/munita. Whether you need something for your tito, tita, mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, workmates, or more, we got you covered. This list is a know-it-all of the trendiest yet affordable items to give that anyone would treasure for years and years to come!
## Christmas gifts ideas for men Gifts for men nowadays have become more diverse, making it less of a challenge but more of a fun pursuit. These gift ideas are not only trendy but is usable for the day-to-day lives that men will surely enjoy having. So, if you’re looking for popular new finds to give, look no further we have the ultimate Christmas gift idea list to make every man feel special out there! These items will surely serve usefulness whether in campus, at work, or simply during leisure time. Remember to consider the style preferences of your man when choosing. Ideally, you don’t need to break the bank for this one since this some of these Christmas gifts are worth 500 PHP or lower! #### For our resident DIYers For the men who love tinkering with mechanics and, well, building things, these picks will surely bring out their passion. Plus, it’s not so bad to keep them in the house as well. You’ll never know what needs tinkering from time to time. - Tool kit - Swiss knife - DIY kits - Puzzles - Tool bag #### For the gym buffs These items will surely inspire the guys to work harder to achieve their dream bods. Plus, points for this one since you’re not simply gifting workout equipment and tools, but you’re also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Here are our top Christmas gift ideas for our gym monkeys! - Water bottles - Yoga mat - Sports clothes - Headbands - Gym equipment #### For the Gen Zs in their tito era From resigned party animals to café loving men. Our resigned kings dasurv these relaxing items that they can count on when work-life stress hits. These thoughtful gift recommendations will give the pampering your man needs on a day-to-day basis. - Neck pillows - Turntables - Film camera - Coffee tumblers - Long socks
## Christmas gift ideas for women As we hear the sleighbells ring closer and closer, the search for the perfect Christmas gift for the women in your life takes center stage. Whether you are shopping for a significant other, for your gorgeous mom, or that one friend that simply deserves something special for being awesome, this selection can guide you through thoughtful and delightful Christmas gift ideas. Now, finding the ideal present may sound like a daunting task considering the mountain of possibilities and choices to choose from, but allow this list to narrow it down for you. Don’t worry, we have it all covered from quality items to Christmas gifts worth 500 pesos, the selected items will not let you fall short when it comes to ideas that your woman will surely want to keep for years to come. #### For the certified titas of Manila Picture that one besties or family member who loves pampering or enjoying coffee dates with friends (or should we say amigas?), who is witty and is slightly philosophical, takes care of everyone, and boom! That’s you resident tita of the group. If she fits the description, then she’ll surely appreciate these gift items! - Sunglasses - Tote bag - Katinko set - Succulents - Air purifier #### For the K-Drama / K-Pop Kween *Annyeonghaseyo*! For our peeps na kinain ng K-Drama/K-Pop then look no further and subtly ask them about their favorite girl/boy groups! Merch is the perfect way to win the hearts of women immersed in K-Pop and K-Drama. The fandom knows no limits for this one and any merch will truly be a treasure. Watch them jump for joy after unboxing these cute Christmas gift ideas! - Photo card set - Light sticks - Posters - Mugs with fandom - K-Pop jewelry inspired #### For the fashion gurus If your woman loves strutting the streets like it’s her runway, then it’s time to add a timeless touch to her outfits. These Christmas gift ideas are just what they need to complete their OOTD. A little more sparkle and shine can’t hurt for the holidays, especially when you see their faces glow for the big reveal! Look at our top picks of the women who loves fashion! - Quality earrings - Necklace stack - Stackable rings - Comfortable cardigans - Skin care #### For the gala gladiator Deep inside, we are all kaladkarins at heart, Pinoys love to travel and hang out with friends and family whether it be in simple cafes, long drives out of town, or even just chilling at the mall. Being with our people makes us feel at home and relaxed. So, if your woman is more of a gala kween, we have the perfect Christmas gift ideas that you’ll truly cherish in future your gala! - Bucket hat - Backpack - Insulated tumbler - Sunscreen - Film/disposable camera #### For the café divas If your woman lives in a coffee shop most of the week or simply loves breathing in caffeine (yes, this is a thing now) then these coffee themed Christmas gift ideas will surely get her hyped! These selected items are personalized and will surely be highly appreciated. - Comfy hoodie - Personalized mug - Quality coffee beans - French press - Cute shirt #### For the plantitas It’s not a dog, it’s not a cat, it’s a plant baby! Most Gen Zs and Millennials nowadays gained an affinity for taking care of plants. They enjoy having a wide selection of flowers, potted greeneries, or even tending to small gardens. It deemed to be therapeutic for some and continued to keep up the hobby. So, if you think your woman has the gift of a green thumb or if she already is, then might as well gift her very own plant baby for Christmas! - Small succulents - Gardening kit - Cute pots - Different flower seeds - Watering can #### For the self-care babe We stan women who knows how to take care of herself amidst a chaotic environment. If your woman prioritizes me time or is into reflect relaxations, who seeks comfort in tending to her personal well-being then these items will surely bring a new kind of zen to her daily routines. Here’s our top picks for the self-care babe starter pack! - Journal - Scented candles - Face mask - Self-care book - Comfortable loungewear #### For the awesome mothers It’s generally challenging to find a perfect gift for a perfect woman. However, there’s nothing impossible on this list. Remember, whether big or small, it’s always a well-though-out gift that can convey the sincere love we have for our moms. Here is simple, yet personal gifts that moms would surely love and appreciate. - A framed family picture - Comfortable pajama set - Cookware/Kitchen appliances - Spa day voucher - Personalized jewelry
## Unisex Gift Ideas If you’re not necessarily looking for a gift specific for men and women, and is going for something more uniform, then these Unisex Christmas gift ideas might actually the items you’re looking for. - Soft wallet - Card games - Customized phone stands - Personalized notebooks - Paint-by-numbers - Desk organizers - Enamel pins - Portable speakers - Laptop stand - Personalized shot glass
## Time to deck the halls with these unique Christmas gifts! Hey, you made it till the end! Do you already have your eyes set on some items? You’ll be happy to know that these items are easily available in shopping malls near you. If you don’t have time to go out, then no worries, these gift ideas can also be found through [online shopping platforms like Lazada](https://www.homecredit.ph/pay-with-home-credit/online-shopping)!