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Welcoming the rainy season means experiencing frequent light to heavy rains. While this brings cooler temperatures and a cozier atmosphere compared to the summer season, this also makes it challenging for us to leave our homes, enjoy outdoor activities, and manage daily routines like washing and drying clothes.

But having the right appliances can help you stay comfortable, dry, and entertained in the comfort of your home. The good news is that Home Credit is here to help you equip your home, especially during this wet season.

As the leading consumer finance company in the country, Home Credit is now offering limited time [0% interest installment deals](https://shop.shoppingmall.ph/promos/rainy-day-zero-interest-deals?utm_source=article&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pr-pos-home_credit_%20must_have_appliances_rny_2024_06010630_smph-06012024) until June 16, 2024, for those purchasing home appliances, ensuring their comfort throughout the wet season.

Here are some of the home appliances you can get this rainy season with Home Credit.
Ensure your clothes remain fresh, dry with exceptional washing machines
With the sun often hidden behind clouds this season, drying clothes can be tough, leading to damp and smelly laundry. To keep your clothes fresh and dry, consider these washing machines equipped with dryers from Home Credit. First on the list is the **Panasonic 8.5kg Inverter Fully Automatic Washing Machine, model NA-FD85X1HRM**. Powered by an inverter motor, this washing machine consumes less energy and operates quietly. This appliance is especially useful during the rainy season, thanks to its Spin Dry feature, which removes most of the water from clothes for faster drying.

Another excellent option is the **LG 12.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, model PT1200R**. Its large capacity makes it perfect for big families. It features a Wind Jet Dry function that minimizes moisture on clothes, ensuring they can be ironed and worn straight out of the washing machine—a useful feature during this season. Additionally, it can handle different weights, sizes, and kinds of fabric with its three wash features—gentle, normal, and strong—supported by the Roller Jet Pulsator, which ensures cleaner clothes.

Completing your washing machine options is the **Samsung 11.0kg Top Load Washing Machine, model WA11CG5745BDTC**. This unit offers energy-efficient operation while delivering powerful performance for your laundry needs. It features EcoBubble Technology for a better combination of detergent and water, and Super Speed Wash for quick yet reliable washing. These performance features are complemented by a Spin Dry function to help dry your clothes efficiently.
Stay entertained in the comfort of your home with immersive televisions
With heavy downpours preventing outdoor activities, one recreation you can do to have fun and enjoy some downtime is stream series and movies with immersive televisions from Home Credit. Watch your favorite TV programs and flicks or play video games on the big screen right in your home for a snug, enjoyable indoor experience.

One of the televisions available from Home Credit is the **TCL 55" 4K HDR TV, model 55P635**. Equipped with a 4K HDR feature, it displays every piece of content in detail and striking colors for an immersive visual experience. This television also supports Google TV, offering more than 700,000 films and series, and boasts voice control, thanks to Google Assistant. Its large, edgeless screen is complemented by Dolby Audio technology for a next-level listening experience.

There is also the **LG 55" UHD 4K Smart TV, model 55UR7550PSC**. This unit is packed with excellent features to make your indoor moments more enjoyable, including the HDR10 Pro feature, which provides optimized brightness and stunning colors on the screen. It also contains WebOS 23 for a user-friendly interface for easy navigation, as well as the A5 AI Processor 4K Gen6, enabling you to watch content in 4K quality. This is complemented by high-quality audio for an enhanced viewing experience.

In addition to these televisions, you can also consider the **Samsung 55" 4K UHD Smart TV with Bixby, model UA55CU8080GXXP**. Featuring a Crystal Processor 4K, this unit delivers excellent resolution for your favorite shows and movies, while Dynamic Crystal Color brings every frame to life with realistic colors. Despite its sleek and slim design, it promises crystal-clear audio with its 3D Surround Sound.
Level up convenience with reliable kitchen essentials
To ensure you have everything you need at home and avoid going out in heavy rains to buy your favorite food, Home Credit also offers a range of kitchen essentials for your cooking area. For your reheating needs or cooking your preferred meals, you can get the Samsung **Microwave Oven 23L, Black, model MS23K3515AS/TC**. This oven features various preprogrammed local recipes to help you cook some of your favorite Filipino dishes. Additionally, its ceramic interior makes cleaning easy due to its smooth, rust- and scratch-resistant surface. Running at 220V/60Hz, it delivers quick and reliable cooking with its 1200W power.

Another kitchen essential to consider is the **Hanabishi Smokeless Infrared Griller, model HLRV-INFGRILL725**. This smokeless, grease-free griller is ideal for indoor settings, perfect for when you and your family crave grilled foods like barbecue, liempo, and more during rainy days. The griller features an automatic 360° rotation grill pan to ensure your meals are cooked thoroughly. Additionally, it is easy to clean, thanks to its halogen three-way efficient heating and non-stick Teflon grill pan. It comes with moveable heating arms and various accessories, such as a BBQ rack, extending ring, and more.

Lastly, for your kitchen essentials, you can have the **Instant Pot 6qt 7-in-1 Multicooker (5.7L) Duo Deluxe with Silicone Mini Mitts**. This reliable unit helps you avoid time-consuming meals this rainy season as it accelerates cooking by two to six times and minimizes energy consumption by up to 70% compared to usual cooking techniques. It also simplifies cooking with its 14 one-touch Smart Programs, including options for soup, stew, rice, porridge, pressure cooking, and more.
This rainy season, make sure that you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere inside your home! Get all these home appliances today for a comfortable, fun, and dry wet season. Visit any Home Credit partner store in the country or check Shoppingmall.ph to take advantage of 0% interest installment deals by June 16, 2024. You can also download the My Home Credit Loan App to get pre-approved or speak to a Home Credit representative at a partner store.

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