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Are you familiar with the NBI clearance? In the Philippines, institutions and individuals rely on this background check document. It's a key to unlocking doors to employment, opportunities abroad, and confirming your identity. Whether you're a first-time applicant or just planning to renew, let us help you learn more about the NBI Clearance process. Read to understand what this document is, the requirements you need, how to apply, and more.
## What is an NBI Clearance? An NBI Clearance serves as an official form issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. It is proof that you have a clean criminal record via a thorough background check done by the NBI. To this day, people use the document for its multipurpose uses in various aspects of life, such as: - **Job Requirements**: Employers often require the submission of an NBI Clearance as part of the hiring process, ensuring the trustworthiness of someone who might join their workforce. - **Working Abroad**: Individuals aspiring to work overseas often encounter the requirement of presenting an NBI Clearance during their visa application. It is seen as a reliable document for international employment. - **Proof of Identity or Valid ID**: Despite its form as a piece of paper and not a card, the NBI Clearance stands as a legitimate form of identification, accepted alongside other government-issued IDs. *Did you know?* Home Credit accepts the NBI clearance as one of the secondary IDs as a part of our [loan application](https://www.homecredit.ph/apply/cash-loans) requirements.
## NBI Clearance Requirements To start the process of getting an NBI Clearance, applicants must prepare two valid government-issued IDs, such as a passport, driver's license, or Social Security System ([SSS](https://www.homecredit.ph/stories/sss-salary-loan-guide)) ID. Here are the [valid IDs](https://www.homecredit.ph/stories/primary-and-secondary-valid-ids-in-the-philippines) you can use:
- Passport - PRC Card - UMID - PSA-issued Birth Certificate - Voter’s ID - PhilHealth ID - TIN ID - Driver’s License - Postal ID - Senior Citizen ID - Police Clearance - PWD ID - OFW ID - National ID - Marina ID - Seaman’s Book
## NBI Clearance Application Process The NBI Clearance application process varies depending on your purpose for getting it. Here are different steps for new applicants, renewal seekers, and first-time job seekers.
### For New Applicants:
#### Step 1: Create an NBI Account Online and Login Visit the [NBI Clearance Online Services](https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/) portal to create your own account. You will need this account to login.
#### Step 2: Fill Out NBI Online Registration Form This is what the registration form looks like: ![NBI clearance online registration form](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/01_NBI_Clearance_registration_8728e2e3d2.png)
Make sure to read and accept the Terms of Services. Click on the Agree button to proceed.
![NBI clearance online registration terms](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/02_NBI_Clearance_registration_terms_a50d228d9b.png)
A screen will prompt you to enter a one-time password or OTP, sent to your registered mobile phone number.
![NBI clearance registration OTP](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/03_NBI_clearance_registration_OTP_b7830ee875.png)
Once you have logged in, you can now apply for a clearance. Simply click on the top button as shown below:
![NBI clearance apply for clearance button](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/04_NBI_clearance_click_apply_d44b944d1c.png)
Clicking this will cause a pop-up that will ask you for [the valid ID](https://www.homecredit.ph/stories/primary-and-secondary-valid-ids-in-the-philippines) that you will use.
#### Step 3: Choose your NBI Clearance Appointment Date Choose an appointment date for the physical processing of your NBI Clearance. The NBI follows an appointment schedule to ensure an organized flow of applicants. NBI branches will not accommodate any applicant with no appointment. On the NBI website, you will see a calendar that prompts you to choose your NBI Branch and appointment date. Simply select one NBI branch from the list and click on your preferred weekday on the calendar.
![NBI clearance appointment selection](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/05_NBI_clearance_appointment_selection_0a4d499c35.png)
Applicants with no internet access can go to the NBI main office in Manila City or their local NBI office to ask for assistance in registering for an NBI Clearance appointment.
#### Step 4: Decide on a Payment Option Explore various payment options, including the convenience of Bayad Center, 7-Eleven, GCash, or card payments.
![NBI clearance payment options](https://hcphprodwebrevamp.blob.core.windows.net/hcph-website/assets/06_NBI_clearance_payment_options_f7cd54d791.png)
#### Step 5: Pay the NBI Clearance Fee Make sure to complete the payment process before proceeding further.
#### Step 6: Go to the NBI Branch on Your Appointment Date Double check your appointment date and make sure to arrive early at the NBI branch you selected! Expect to wait anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. We also recommend dressing presentably as they will be taking your photo. Wear at least smart casual attire.
#### Step 7: Wait for Your NBI Clearance - Allow some time for the office for processing of the NBI Clearance before claiming the final document.Your application might run into a hit. A hit means that the NBI’s system has flagged your application for further verification. - Without a hit, you can get the NBI clearance at the end of your appointment. If you get a hit, you need to come back after 7-10 working days.
### For Renewal: - Visit the NBI Clearance Online Registration website. - Click on the yellow NBI Clearance Online Renewal box on the homepage. - Fill out the pop-up form with your old NBI number, mobile number, complete name, and birthdate. - Click Verify to proceed. - Complete the NBI Clearance delivery form with your address. - Proceed to Payment and choose from various payment methods. - Select your preferred delivery option: door-to-door, personal pick-up, or courier service (Lalamove or Grab). - Pay the delivery service fee on the next page. - Await an SMS notification with your reference number, confirming your application. - Wait for the release of your renewed NBI Clearance Renewal applicants benefit from a quicker process, thanks to the added option of door-to-door delivery. You will still need to present two valid IDs for your renewal, as well as your old or expired NBI Clearance. Ensure your valid ID is original and in good condition, as photocopied, damaged, or expired IDs are not accepted for NBI Clearance renewal.
### For First Time Jobseekers: Something that makes the process easier for first-time job seekers is the exemption from NBI Clearance fees, courtesy of Republic Act No. 11261. To avail this privilege, first-time job seekers need to present their barangay clearance and register through the dedicated [First Time Job Seekers NBI Portal](https://firsttimejobseekers.nbi.gov.ph/).
## Frequently Asked Questions about NBI Online Registration
##### Can one get NBI clearance via walk-in? It is advised to utilize the online application method, as walk-ins are generally discouraged due to long lines and unsure slots.
##### How long is the validity of an NBI clearance? NBI Clearances are typically valid for one year, requiring renewal after this period.
##### How does one check NBI clearance status? Applicants can conveniently track their NBI Clearance status online, providing real-time updates.
##### What is the process for an authorization letter for NBI clearance? In cases where personal claim is not possible, applicants can issue an authorization letter accompanied by a copy of their valid ID.
##### How does police clearance differ from NBI clearance? While both are used for background checks, NBI Clearance focuses on national concerns, distinguishing it from the more localized nature of police clearances.
##### Is there a dress code for NBI clearance application? Applicants are advised to present themselves in decent attire during the application process, contributing to a professional-looking photo and document.
## Get Your NBI Clearance Now! Obtaining an NBI Clearance in the Philippines may take some time, but it doesn't have to be a difficult process. Whether you're renewing your clearance or a first-time job seeker, just prepare the requirements and follow the steps we laid out for you. Doing so helps you smoothly acquire your NBI Clearance, a valid ID that you can use for employment, travel, and even [Home Credit loans](https://www.homecredit.ph/apply/cash-loans). Stay tuned for more tips from us!