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The holiday festivities are nearing and what better way to welcome it other than honoring a popular tradition, the Kris Kringle, also known as Secret Santa. This exchange of gifts is well-loved in any holiday celebration, may it be amongst friends, family, and colleagues. The air of mystery and anticipation of the Kris Kringle gifts exchange is what draws people in. People look forward to discovering who their gift-giver is, making it more exciting for them. Of course, one of the challenges of the Kris Kringle gifts exchange is looking for the gift itself! Do not worry, our list of ideas contains several categories that understood the assignment well. So, if you are on a hunt for the perfect gift, look no further! We have compiled a list of the most unique and fun things you can [shop online](https://www.homecredit.ph/pay-with-home-credit/online-shopping) or in stores that will surely wow your recipient.
## Something useful gift ideas These thoughtful and useful Kris Cringle gift ideas can be used in any individual’s day-to-day life. For people who are always on the go, a spacious tote bag, portable umbrellas, and a travel neck pillow may come in handy especially for trips. Meanwhile speakers and a bucket hat are staple items the monito-munita gift game since they are immensely popular with Gen-Zs and Millennials. - Tote bag - Portable speakers - Bucket hat - Travel neck pillow - Portable umbrellas
## Something hard gift ideas Our top picks for the Kris Kringle ‘something hard’ gift ideas are not only solid, but durable and timely. Since hybrid work setup has been adapted to the new normal, colleagues, friends, and families will surely appreciate something that can give life to their WFH setup. Level up the aesthetics game by gifting a good-looking digital clock, succulents/potted plants, and portable chargers. Meanwhile, one of the universal gifts to give are headphones and portable chargers since they are appreciated by many especially for commuters. - Digital clock - Succulent/small potted plant - Portable chargers - Headphones - Insulated tumbler
## Something sweet gift ideas Get ready for the sugar rush! Our Kris Cringle ‘something sweet’ gift ideas will surely bring a lovely touch to the holiday gift-giving. A pack of assorted candies will truly delight the senses and bring a smile to anyone’s face. Meanwhile, gifting a box of chocolates will surely be a good move to let your recipient feel the holiday love. Lastly, make the sweet stuff linger in the air with sweet scented candles, preserved flowers, and an air humidifier. - Assorted candies - Box of chocolates - Sweet scented candles - Air humidifier - Preserved flowers
## Something soft gift ideas These Kris Kringle ‘something soft’ gift ideas are perfect to cozy up for the holidays. A character pillow, fleece blankets, and soft pajamas will naturally set a fun and snug vibe in every bedroom. Meanwhile, to top off the cozy game for the “ber” months a pair of fuzzy socks, and fluffy bedroom slippers is the perfect way to go. - Character pillows - Fleece blanket - Fuzzy socks - Soft pajamas - Fluffy bedroom slippers
## Something Y2K gift ideas It’s time to channel your inner Britney Spears for this Kris Kringle something Y2K edition. Probably the greatest style comeback of 2023, the Y2K era is a sensation for Gen Zs and Millennials. The colorful style and the nostalgic feels are enough to make it a big hit. So, if you’re looking for the best early 2000s gifts for your next monito/munita we have the best items of the littler. - Gameboy - Tamagotchi - Stickers / Pins - Film camera - Beaded bracelets
## Something proudly Pinoy gift ideas One of the most popular categories during Kris Kringle gifts exchange is the proudly Pinoy category. Its timeliness appeals to people since the recent insurgence of “support local” causes. Our top pick for this category is of course the iconic Katinko set. It now comes in attractive packaging that is perfect for gift-giving. Another gift idea is the famous miniature jeepney. As one of our staple public transportations here in the Philippines, nothing screams proudly pinoy than gifting this icon. Lastly, giving a locally made coffee can bring anyone’s spirit some cheer, especially in the morning. - Katinko set - Miniature jeepney - Locally made coffee - Locally made art/stickers - Locally made skin care products
## Enjoy a merry shopping spree! A piece of advice? Do not limit yourself to the list, but rather, let the Kris Kringle holiday spirit be your guiding star. Do not pressure yourself by looking for something “perfect” but rather, it will always be the thought that counts. So just enjoy a merry shopping spree, or if you are too busy to go out, we made sure our gift ideas are easily found in [online shops](https://www.homecredit.ph/pay-with-home-credit/online-shopping) like Lazada. Feel free to check them there as well. Happy holidays!