Apple’s new iPhone 15 release launched on September 13, 2023. Get the answers to the top questions people ask about the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro Max, and how they compare to previous Apple cellphones. Want to know where you can get the cheapest iPhone 15 price? Know where right here! If you’re curious about Apple’s USB-C port, Dynamic Island, Night Mode, and even its colors, here’s a jampacked read for you, Apple fan.
## What’s new with the iPhone 15? iPhone 15 is powered by Dynamic Island plus an impressive and immersive ultra wide camera level-up. If you want more premium options, the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max have a lightweight titanium design. The Pro and Pro Max 2023 Apple phones have an A17 Pro Bionic chip that promises an upgrade in terms of performance and battery usage.
The new iPhone 15 lineup boasts an all-day battery life that will surely delight Apple fans. You also get a USB-C that makes charging easier. More importantly, this port allows these Apple models to connect faster with other devices.
The inclusion of Dynamic Island allows users to get alerts and monitor their activities in one glance. This feature allows you to see notifications, access your top apps, get directions while walking or driving, check the weather conditions, set timers or alarms, and take quick, important notes.
Night Mode and the Portrait Mode have been updated. All photos of people and animals are now automatically in Portrait Mode to save time and effort. Night Mode, on the other hand, gets sharper details on top of more vivid colors captured.
## What is the difference between iPhone 14 and 15? A common question Apple fans ask is comparing a 2022 Apple phone and its new release. Here’s a quick side-by-side check for you:

  • CHIPSET: iPhone 14 has the A15 Bionic chip while the 15 Pro lineup has the A17 Bionic chip.
  • BATTERY LIFE: iPhone 15 has an 18% better battery life compared to 14. This comes in handy during times of heavy usage or when you’re too busy to charge your phone.
  • DESIGN: iPhone 15 has a smaller notch with a better Dynamic Island.

## Is the iPhone 15 camera better than the 14? The most striking difference between the iPhone 14 and 15 is the camera. iPhone 14 has a 12MP main camera that delivers high-quality photos and videos, but iPhone 15’s main camera is 48MP. Apple truly delivered with the improved camera features. This new camera system also has a 5x telephoto lens. Expect to get above-average low-light photos and videos that are not blurry or pixelated.
## How durable is the iPhone 15? The 15 Pro and Pro Max models are the first iPhones to have aerospace-grade titanium. FUN FACT: This material is what experts use to build spacecraft launched for missions to Mars. This makes the phone functional and futuristic. Compared to previous models that have aluminum bodies, the Apple 15 lineup is said to be more durable and more heavy-duty.
## How light is the 15 Pro? IPhone 15 Pro is made of titanium which is lighter than 14 but tough as steel. What also makes titanium a good material is that it can handle extreme temperatures better.
If your phone is a fingerprint magnet and gets scratched easily, this won’t be a problem with the new iPhone. The titanium build is known to maintain its luster and shine over time. This is another reason why you should invest in an iPhone 15 if you need a phone that can last you more than four years.
## How big is the 15 Pro? Another question that people ask is about the screen size of the iPhone 15. The base model has a 6.1-inch while the Plus model has 6.7-inch. A 6.1-inch screen size is both functional and portable. If you’d rather have a wider screen, especially if you’re multitasking, the 6.7-inch screen comes in handy.
## What are the featured colors of the iPhone 15? Apart from the USB-C and other upgrades, the newest Apple phones have a wide range of colors. Your new iPhone 15 can come in pink, green, yellow, black, and blue. Meanwhile, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max come in titanium hues of black, blue, white, and natural. The Apple Pro phones have a textured design, too. Another note is that all the colors except for the black ones have very light shades. These colors are considered muted compared to the older Apple cellphones.
Another key advantage of the newest Apple phones is that when in direct sunlight, the display becomes twice as bright compared to the iPhone 14. This addresses a common pain point for those who spend a lot of time outdoors while commuting, working, or even taking a break.
## How much is the iPhone 15 in the Philippines? The full price of an iPhone 15 in the Philippines ranges from P56,990 to P108,990. This price range covers the 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max as listed on Apple’s website.
This price tag is heavy, so if you’re looking for an installment deal you can afford, head over to []( for budget-friendly iPhones.
## How can I get a discount on an iPhone? If you’re looking for other budget-friendly iPhone choices, here’s a tip! iPhone 14 prices dropped and you can afford this for under P3,000 a month. You can also buy now and pay later with installments as low as 0% interest.
## Should I upgrade from iPhone 11 to 15? iPhone 11 is still a popular choice and people ask if it’s worth upgrading. Here are some points we’ve gathered for your consideration. You’re better off with an iPhone 11 if:

  • you need a budget Apple phone, given the iPhone 11 price has dropped since its release in 2019
  • you’re okay with phone battery life that will last for five to eight hours of heavy use
  • you don’t mind a phone with lower performance compared to the 2023 iPhone but can still deliver well
  • you take photos and shoot videos in decent lighting conditions and not low-light ones

To make your Apple iPhone price comparison easier, you can get the iPhone 11 for under P2,500 a month at [!](
## Does the iPhone 15 have a SIM card? For Apple phones in the Philippines, Smart & Globe offers both SIM card and eSIM options. If you’re a prepaid customer, having a SIM is a good option, still. It does not require an extra step and is much like plug-and-play.
While eSIM may seem new to some, Globe already has been offering eSIM technology since 2018 to serve its postpaid customers better. One advantage of having an eSIM instead of a traditional SIM is the ease of accessing all your mobile information. If you’re curious about activating your eSIM, here are the steps you can take once you get your brand-new cellphone:
  1. Inform your network provider about the eSIM details you need to input.
  2. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  3. Click either Mobile Data or Cellular.
  4. Click Add Mobile Data Plan.
  5. Choose Enter Details Manually. You can see this at the bottom of your screen.

## When can I buy? It’s best to shop iPhones in the Philippines from trusted stores like Power Mac Center. While there may be cheaper options, getting a high-priced phone that you’ll use for a long time should be from a seller you can fully trust. Before purchasing your Apple cellphone, do your research. Check the item in person and in-store, if you can, to verify that you’re getting an original Apple phone.
Do the following steps:
  • Check the IMEI number. It is the easiest way to check if you have an original Apple product.
  • Look for the model number and serial number.
  • the serial number and IMEI number at the back of your Apple device. Both these numbers must be engraved.
  • Inspect the casing, screws, buttons, card slots, battery health, operating system, and packaging.
  • Try out Siri on the Apple device.
  • Validate your iPhone using the IMEI checker.

Now that you know the answers to trending questions about the new iPhone 15 lineup, are you ready to upgrade to Apple’s newest smartphone offering? If you want to know which Apple phone fits your budget and preferences, Chat with our team to get the full details about your dream [iPhone](!