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Vivo V series phones have made a name for themselves in the smartphone market thanks to their strong, impressive cameras that take great selfies and photos at night. Besides camera, these phones are known for having big, clear screens and sleek designs.
In this article, we’ll explore the Vivo V series phones you can get for under P1,000/month installments through [Shoppingmall.ph](https://www.shoppingmall.ph/vivo-installment-deals/?utm_source=article&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=gtm-pos-tipsandstory_vivo_brandpage-11132023).
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### 1. Vivo V21e
Starting as low as P642/month for 18 months, the Vivo V21e is a standout in the V series. It boasts a 44MP front camera and a 64MP Ultra rear camera, ensuring that your selfies and night shots look spectacular. Some notable features include:
• 44 MP Eye Autofocus
• 64 MP Night Camera with AI-driven Night Portrait mode
• Dual-view video for simultaneous front and rear camera recording
### 2. Vivo V21 5G
Get the Vivo V21 5G for as low as P802/month for 18 months. This super-slim flagship phone is all about great selfies, even in the dark! It rocks a 44MP OIS night selfie camera for stunning pics. Other key features include:
• 44MP Eye Autofocus for sharp selfies
• 64MP Night Camera with AI for high-definition night portraits
• Clear selfies from as close as 15 cm
• Dual-view video for simultaneous front and rear camera recording
### 3. Vivo V23e 5G
With a starting price of P722/month for 18 months, the Vivo V23e 5G doesn't disappoint. It features a 44MP front camera that ensures high sharpness and clarity in your selfies. For easy vlogging, you can also record videos with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Other notable features:
• 128GB storage capacity
• Front camera with Autofocus for picture perfect selfies
• Quick 69% charge in just 30 minutes
• Front Camera AI Extreme Night for bright and clear night shots
### 4. Vivo V25e
Available at P682/month for 18 months, the Vivo V25e offers more power and advanced features in an ultra-thin and stylish body. Key features include:
• Color-changing technology for captivating design
• An ultra-thin body and comfortable grip
• Bokeh Flare Portrait mode with customizable flare
### 5. Vivo V25 5G
At just P963/month for 18 months, the Vivo V25 5G provides power and advanced features in an ultra-thin package. Features include:
• 4K video support for high-res vlogging
• 5G capability for speedy connectivity
• Color-changing body, in Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black variants
### 6. Vivo V27e
With a starting price of P682/month for 18 months, the Vivo V27e is part of the Aura Portrait Master series, designed to capture vivid moments at night. It offers features like:
• Aura Light Portrait to enhance low-light images
• Portrait Studio for balanced portraits in darker settings
• 8GB extended RAM for smooth gaming and multitasking
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