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If you're in the market for a premium-looking yet affordable smartphone that gets the job done, the Apple iPhone 12 should be on your radar. It’s still relevant even in today’s tech and provides a great value for money. But there’s more to the iPhone 12 than just its looks. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying the iPhone 12 in 2023 and why you should get it via Home Credit Shoppingmall.ph at low monthly installments.
The first thing you should know about the iPhone 12 is that it’s a well-designed smartphone that is built to last. It has a sleek design thanks to its flat-edged design with aluminum edges. The 6.1-inch OLED screen offers High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 1,200 nits of maximum brightness, allowing for readability even in direct sunlight. The iPhone 12 also has a rating of IP68, which means it's fully protected from dust and can handle being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters.
Second, Apple's A14 Bionic chip, which powers the iPhone 12, is still powerful and remains energy efficient. It ensures smooth performance and quick app launches, even when you're running multiple apps at the same time. In addition, the device comes with 5G connectivity, which means you can browse the internet, stream videos, and download files at lightning-fast speeds.
Third, the iPhone 12 has a reliable camera system that can produce good photos and videos comparable to some of the latest flagships today. It features a dual-lens setup that includes a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 12MP wide lens, that operate in tandem to capture detailed and vibrant images. The device also ships with Night mode to allow stunning photos even in low-light conditions.
Fourthly, the iPhone 12 runs on iOS, which is a secure and user-friendly operating system known for its intuitive interface and robust privacy features. With iOS, you get software updates supporting even the latest iOS 16, making iPhone 12 a future-proof device perfect for those who want to try new features every now and then.
If you wish to get your hands on the iPhone, Home Credit Shoppingmall.ph, offers low monthly installments to help you get the device without breaking your wallet. Home Credit Shoppingmall.ph provides flexible payment options up to 24 months, which means you can own the device without having to pay the full amount.
The Apple iPhone 12 is a superb smartphone that offers a fantastic user experience and amazing value for money. If you want a device that is future-proof and can satisfy all your smartphone needs, the iPhone 12 is still a good option. At P2,583/mo, you can make the purchase without worrying the full price if you buy it at [Shoppingmall.ph](https://www.shoppingmall.ph/installment-deals/Apple-iPhone-12-128GB-Blue-Cellphone-Mobile-Phone/8a254238-9e74-4e79-92c1-2d090c1d574a?s_type=search-result&s_index=&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=online-pos-iphone12_tipsandstory_productpage-08212023) in affordable monthly installments.