In recent weeks, many e-wallet users encountered some trouble in transacting or making payments online. Luckily for Home Credit customers, we have a list of our PREFERRED payment channels that guarantee real-time processing and safe billing. Be it via an app, a website, or a physical store – you can choose from our recommended secure payment channels to settle your Home Credit bills.
How to pay your Home Credit bill online?
If you prefer to pay your bills using your cellphone, Home Credit can be found on the list of billers in several online wallet and billing apps. Here’s the list of our PREFERRED online payment channels: Maya, Shopee, PalawanPay, UnionBank Online Banking, and BDO Online Banking. Pay your Home Credit monthly installment dues online by following these easy steps: STEP 1: Open our preferred payment channel’s app. STEP 2: Click on the PAY BILLS button. STEP 3: Look for Home Credit on the list of billers. STEP 4: Enter your account and payment details. STEP 5: Confirm your payment. NOTE: Payment process may vary per payment channel app.
How to pay your Home Credit bill over the counter?
While you’re out on an errand, you can also pay your Home Credit bill in stores near you. Find the list of our PREFERRED over-the-counter payment channels below: 7ELEVEN, PALAWAN EXPRESS, MLHULLIER, CEBUANA, and TOUCHPAY. Simply follow these steps to settle your Home Credit monthly dues: STEP 1: Visit our preferred payment store near you. STEP 2: Find the cashier or payment kiosk. STEP 3: Ask them to scan your generated bar code or provide your payment details. NOTE: Payment process may vary per store.
How to enroll your Home Credit bills to auto-debit arrangement?
Now, to take convenience up a notch, you can enroll your Home Credit bills for auto-debit arrangement on your bank. With this, your monthly installments will be paid automatically so you’ll never miss a due date. Check this list of our PREFERRED bank payment channels for your enrollment: BPI, BDO, METROBANK, SECURITY BANK, RCBC, PNB, and UNIONBANK. Enjoy worry-free Home Credit bill payments with auto-debit arrangement. Just follow these steps: STEP 1: Log in to your online banking app or website. STEP 2: Find AUTO-DEBIT ARRANGEMENT or ADA enrollment and agree to the T&C. STEP 3: Choose HOME CREDIT as the biller and enter your account details. STEP 4: Select the bank account to be enrolled. STEP 5: Confirm your enrollment with OTP verification. NOTE: ADA enrollment process may vary per bank. Found your preferred payment channel? Make the PREFERRED payment switch now or visit [](link) for more information about this!